mirandacosgrove: "Happy Birthday @jennettemccurdy! Thanks for being such a great friend and always being there…with friends like you who needs a therapist? #22"


@lee_adam_massey: "all @MirandaCosgrove @donallogue @austinbutler fans, We just locked picture on #TheIntruders. Cheers to all involved!"



You can make fun of Miranda Cosgrove all you like but realize for a minute she up until 2012 was the highest paid teen actor (even dwarfing Miley Cyrus) and was being paid $180,000 per episode of iCarly. Given the number of iCarly episodes, she got roughly $20 million in five years just by acting…


coltontran: "Byeeee b!t€#! @jennettemccurdy @odetteyaya @mirandacosgrove


"you kinda look like that girl from icarly"

she just kinda look